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Welcome to ITWS

Thank you for visiting our website. With over 100 years of accumulated experience in the tyre market we hope our team can provide you with the solutions you require to your tyres issues. Since we started ITWS (International Tyre and Wheel Solutions) back in 2002, our ethos has been to reduce costs for our customers by providing innovative solutions that help them to save money, increase productivity and become more efficient in their consumption of tyres.

SG Revolution Super Cushion Solid Tyres

We are delighted to be the exclusive European supplier of the unique and innovative SG Revolution range of Super Cushion Solid Tyres and have enjoyed great success providing SG solid tyres and support services to customers in a range of industries including waste, recycling, demolition and construction. Suitable for all types of mobile plant including wheeled loaders, telehandlers, wheeled excavators, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, terminal handlers and forklift trucks, we supply our solid tyres as a retro-fit option and we are increasingly working with OEM machine manufacturers to supply solid tyres at the point of assembly.

SG Revolution super cushion solid tyres are manufactured in Thailand and offer performances that are second to none in terms of hours per mm and cost per hour. Sizes are available from 400x8 up to 35/65-33 L5 with a choice of pattern to suit every working environment. Click here to see our tyre performance leaflet.

Service Excellence

We have built our success on our renowned customer service. With our own stock of tyre presses and tooling for the fitment of tyres we can offer unrivalled delivery times ensuring that our customers’ machines are back up and running in the shortest time possible.

We also go the extra mile to find the tyres you need when you need them. We have extensive stocks in our covered warehouse but if we don’t have what you need, we will work hard to find it on your behalf.

We have also developed our own unique Service Exchange Scheme to ensure swift replacement of tyres and rims on site. Click here for more information.

We are ISO 9001 accredited which ensures our working procedures are the very best they can be.

We are dedicated to the sustainable re-use and recycling of all our reach compliant solid tyres, please see our Environmental Policy for more information.

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Puncture proof industrial tyres Puncture proof industrial tyres Puncture proof industrial tyres Puncture proof industrial tyres

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ITWS Environmental Policy

Tyre Gallery Click to enlarge and print

  • SG S2C2 DWL
    SG S2C2 DWL
  • SG SE Pattern
    SG SE Pattern
  • SG C1
    SG C1
  • SG C2
    SG C2
  • SG C3
    SG C3
  • SG SC2 1 Row apertures
    SG SC2 1 Row apertures
  • SG S2C2 2 Row apertures
    SG S2C2 2 Row apertures
  • SG S2C8X
    SG S2C8X
  • SG Smooth pattern
    SG Smooth pattern
  • SG SA for skid steer
    SG SA for skid steer
  • SG SE for skid steer
    SG SE for skid steer
  • SG SER for skid steer
    SG SER for skid steer
  • HT Pattern
    HT Pattern
  • OTR King
    OTR King