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Terminal & Port Handling

Terminal Handling machines are expected to work hard handling freight and goods day in day out. Naturally they need the most durable tyres to keep them working productively and SG Revolution tyres have proved, time and time again, to be the perfect solution. These puncture free tyres come in a wide choice of sizes and patterns to suit all types of machines including container handlers, trailers and tugs.

Used on docks and wharfs globally the tyres uniquely feature built-in apertures which resolve the problem of vibration and wear and tear on tug connection hitches, whilst also providing excellent front end stability and a comfortable ride on handlers.
For maximum uptime and low costs per hour, look no further than SG Revolution Super Cushion Solid Tyres.

Terminal & Port Handling images

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  • Thailand port Container Handler on 1800-25 C1 pattern
  • Hong kong port container handler on 1200-24 C2 pattern
  • kalmar stacker on 23.5-25 S2C2DWL

Technical Info

SG Revolution tyres indormation PDFPlease click on the download link below to view detailed specification about this product

Terminal & Port Handling

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  • SG S2C2 DWL
    SG S2C2 DWL
  • SG SE Pattern
    SG SE Pattern
  • SG C1
    SG C1
  • SG C2
    SG C2
  • SG C3
    SG C3
  • SG SC2 1 Row apertures
    SG SC2 1 Row apertures
  • SG S2C2 2 Row apertures
    SG S2C2 2 Row apertures
  • SG S2C8X
    SG S2C8X
  • SG Smooth pattern
    SG Smooth pattern
  • SG SA for skid steer
    SG SA for skid steer
  • SG SE for skid steer
    SG SE for skid steer
  • SG SER for skid steer
    SG SER for skid steer
  • HT Pattern
    HT Pattern
  • OTR King
    OTR King